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Online Shop >> Socks >> Thorlos >> Xecu Experia Energy Micro Mini $118
Product ID : ID#:1037
Product Name : Xecu Experia Energy Micro Mini $118
Category : Socks
Brand : Thorlos
Description : Experia Energy features Triple Zone Graduated Compression engineered to create specific and differentiated compression gradation starting with the most intense compression in the foot/ankle, decreasing across the lower leg with the least intensity in the calf.

Benefits of Triple Zone Graduated compression
- Enhanced blood circulation
stimulates and enhances blood flow, resulting in increased endurance.

-Enhanced Performance and faster recovery
reduces lactic acid build-up, resulting in less fatigue, soreness and faster recovery.

-Enhanced warm-up
improves muscle efficiency and prepares muscles for exercise.

-Enhanced tendon support
strenuous activity places a strain on tendons. Compression in the arch and ankle help support and stabilise the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon.

-Reduced muscle oscillation
compression hugging the foot and lower leg reduces fatigue and helps prevent damage to muscles and tissues from oscillation while alleviating swelling. The result is faster recovery with less muscle soreness.

-Fresher legs
runners report the compression socks improve comfort and recovery.

Benefits of CuTEC

Experia Energy is engineered with CuTEC Copper Ion Technology permanently incorporated into the fibers. It provides the following benefits:

- anti-odor and anti-fungal
-helps restore skin cells for healthier skin texture, tone and skin wellness.

The thorwick cool material moves moisture quickly away from your foot to the outside of your sock allowing moisture to evaporate, keeping your foot noticeably drier, cooler and more comfortable.

Heel and achilles padding - protects the Achilles tendon by eliminating rubbing and chafing while also functioning as a heel lock to prevent slipping into your footwear. Heel padding cushions the heel against impact.
Size: XS,S,M,L,XL
Price : HKD 169.00
HKD 118.00
Grip Size / Size :
Quantity :
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