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Product ID : ID#: 1011
Product Name : Prince Textreme Warrior 107L $1100
Category : Tennis Racquets
Brand : Prince
Description : Color: Pink

With the Textreme Warrior 107L, Prince delivers a very maneuverable racquet with a forgiving hitting surface and a hot pink flare. At only 10 ounces strung this stick moves with explosive speed, making it easy for beginner and intermediate players to add pace and spin. The generous 107 square inch head not only adds comfort and power, but it supplies the needed margin of error for making clean contact with the ball. With the addition of Textreme to the layup, Prince is able to boost both flexibility and stability without increasing the overall weight. Another notable technology is the time-tested CTS Beam which deploys variable thickness to add stability, power and flexibility. From the baseline, this racquet's 107 square inch head not only delivers easy access to power, but it also possesses above average control for its generous size. There's also plenty of spin to be had thanks to the grippy 16x19 string pattern and ease of acceleration. Given these features, we think the Warrior 107L is extremely user-friendly from the baseline, making it ideal for less advanced players looking to hit with effective pace and spin. At net this racquet provides a large and forgiving platform for hitting effective volleys. It also moves very fast when the pressure is on. The speed also comes in handy on service returns where this stick comes around very fast and delivers an accurate ball. This light and explosive version of the Warrior 107 offers phenomenal playability and great feel. A great option for beginners and intermediates in search of a maneuverable weapon that does everything well.

*This racquet is compatible with the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor.
Size: 107 sq. in/ 690cm2
Length: 27.0 in/ 68.6cm
Price : HKD 1700.00
HKD 1100.00
Grip Size / Size :
String / Color:
Quantity :
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