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Course > 10 and Under Tennis (Red) Age: 3-8
10 and Under Tennis (Red) Age: 3-8
Age: 3-10 Lesson Fee: $1000 (4 lessons; 1 hr each; 1 lesson per week) $1600 (8 lessons; 1 hr each; 2 lessons per week)
Venue : Quarry Bay Park, Taikoo Shing
Date : (Mon-Fri 4-5pm, Fri 5-6pm; Mon, Wed, Thurs 6-7pm)
Details :
Playgroup: Age 2.5 -4
Red: The group will contain both Red 1 (Age: 3-6) and Red 2 (Age: 6-8)
Orange: Age: 8-10
Green: Age: 8-10

The 10 and under Tennis is introduced from the United States. It is one-of-a-kind in Hong Kong and it is the hallmark of our training center. It incorporates the newest trainng methods catering the needs of the children. The course uses the scaled-down equipment and group situation to create a stimulating game suitations for children players. Suitable for as young as 3 years old to 10 years. It builds a strong foundation for the game of tennis. The following things have changed to cater the needs of these children.

* The court size.
* The racquet sizes.
* The balls.
* The scoring system.
* The height of the nets.

Phase 1:

All players, regardless of age, start on the 36' court with foam balls or larger compression balls. The court is 36' x 18' and is laid out across a regular court. For competition, this court is limited to children 10 and under. Scoring is simple: best of 3 games, 7 points = game.

Phase 2:

Players now graduate to the 60' court with low compression balls. The singles court is 60'x21' and is played inside of a regular court. For doubles, the dimensions are 60'x27', using the regular court singles lines as the doubles line. For competition, this court is limited to children 10 and under. Scoring is simple: best of 3 sets. 4 games = 1 set, 7 points = 1 game

Phase 3:

Players move to the regular 78' court with regular tennis balls! Regular scoring: best of 3 sets. 6 games = 1set, 4 points = 1 game.

Coach to Student Ratio: 1:6 or 2:12

Tennis Development Stage 1

Note: Students with high potential will be recommended by coach to participate in tennis opens if they wish.

What you will learn in the red stage (content may vary at times)

develop and sharpen motor skills, movement and balance
- develop skills to

-start to develop dynamic movement & footwork patterns
-intro to topspin & underspin


-being able to consistently serve and rally more proficiently
-utilizes control, spin to their advantage


-players are more technically sound and tactically engaged
-begin to determine their style of play

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